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1) Under Enemy Colors   2) A Battle Won   3) A Ship of War (UK)/Take, Burn or Destroy (US)   4) Until the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead
Take, Burn or Destroy (2013)

A Ship of War (2012)

In the May 2016 issue of Small Boats Monthly, S. Thomas Russell and his friend Robert show off their boat design and buildiing skills. You can visit the web site and view the details at smallboatsmonthly.com/?issue=may-2016. We've posted a few of the photos taken during construction.

Until the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead, the fourth novel following the life and career of Charles Hayden, will be published in July 2014 by Michael Joseph in the UK. The US publication date for this book, coming from Putnam, will be October 2014.

Thank you for the many kind letters of support and for your patience.
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