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Under Enemy Colors (2007)
Hardcover Book Format Paperback
Putnam Adult Imprint Berkley Trade
978-0399154430ISBN 978-0425223628
496 pages Length 512 pages
9.25 x 6.25in Size 8.26 x 5.23in
06 Sep 2007 Release Date 04 Nov 2008
Under Enemy Colours (2007)
Hardcover Book Format Paperback
Michael Joseph Ltd Imprint Penguin Books Ltd
978-0718153410 ISBN 978-0141033143
496 pages Length 464 pages
23 x 15cm Size 129 x 198mm
06 Mar 2008 Release Date 5 Feb 2009

Under Enemy Colors


S. Thomas Russell

A sweeping novel of maritime mutiny set against the backdrop of the French Revolution that evokes such masters as Patrick O'Brian and Bernard Cornwell.

At the time of the French Revolution, one of Britain's most skillful naval officers, Charles Saunders Hayden, is a young lieutenant, the son of an English father and a French mother. His abilities and his loyalty to the king of England are beyond dispute, yet his career seems doomed by his "mixed" heritage and lack of political connections. Consequently, Hayden is assigned to an aging frigate, the Themis, under the command of Captain Josiah Hart, a man known as "Faint Hart" throughout the service.

As the Themis takes to sea to harass the enemy, the disaffection of the crew begins to boil over into acts of violence, and the lieutenant finds himself caught between his superior and a crew pushed toward mutiny. A revolution at sea ensues, and Hayden is wrenchingly torn between honor and duty, as the magnificent Royal Navy engages the French in a centuries-old struggle for power.

This is a novel that satisfies on all levels, and will be loved by a wide range of readers: Patrick O'Brian's adoring literary following, as well as readers who love Bernard Cornwell, Steven Pressfield, and Jeff Shaara. Its scenes of maritime warfare match, and even surpass, O'Brian's for majesty and drama.
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    Under Enemy Colors (2007) Excerpt
    Under Enemy Colors (2007) Afterword: History and Fiction
The War of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars have been fodder for novelists from the outset, and novels set in the British Navy of that era have long been a species of their own.  If anyone can lay claim to having invented the type it would likely be Frederick Marryat (whose books appeared between 1829 and 1847).


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NarratorSimon Vance
Audiobook FormatCD Unabridged
ImprintPutnam Audio
Length16 Hours; 13 CDs
Release Date06 Sep 2007


Audiobook of Under Enemy Colors (2007)



Audiobook of Under Enemy Colors (2007)


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NarratorNick Boulton
Audiobook FormatCD Unabridged
ImprintWhole Story Audio
Length16 Hours; 15 CDs
Release Date01 Oct 2008

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