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Take, Burn or Destroy (2013)  


A Ship of War (2012)  


A Battle Won (2010)  


A Battle Won (2010)  


Under Enemy Colors (2007)  


Under Enemy Colours (2007)

Follow this link for photos of a wood model of the Themis.

The Themis is a fictional ship and conforms to no class of frigate, though she would have been similar to the Pallas class.  In fact, her existence in 1793 is slightly problematic as the first 18 pounder 32s (to the best of my knowledge) were not commissioned until 1794.  I thought Hart would have a 32 gun frigate because he had too much influence to be sent into a 12 pounder 28, but his detractors would have prevented him from being given a larger 36 or 38 gun frigate.  The 32 seemed to suit him perfectly, and I wanted a battery of 18 pound guns so that she could feasibly take on the larger French frigates.  Thus the Themis was slightly ahead of her time.
HMS Themis (Illustration by John McKay)
HMS Themis
(Cutaway Illustration by John McKay)
Further Cutaway Detail
Each of the following links lead to larger versions of the cutaway illustration of the bow (1251x1374 pixels), mainmast (1200x1620 pixels) and stern (1296x1500 pixels) for the Themis. For those with a really big monitor, you can follow this link to a full size version (3600x2179 pixels) of John McKay's illustration of the Themis.

Legend for HMS Themis Cutaway
1 Forecastle 14 Capstan
2 Gangway 15 Steering Wheel
3 Quarterdeck 16 Manger
4 Gun-deck (Upper Deck) 17 Galley
5 Berth-deck (Lower Deck) 18 Riding Bitts
6 Hold 19 Pumps
7 Orlop (Cable Tier) 20 Great Cabin (Captain's Cabin)
8 Fore Platform 21 Gunroom
9 Aft Platform 22 Midshipmen's Berth
10 Bowsprit 23 Fore Magazine
11 Foremast 24 Shot Locker
12 Mainmast 25 Hold Well (Pump Well)
13 Mizzen Mast 26 Aft Magazine

 Bow of HMS Themis
Bow of HMS Themis (Illustration by John McKay)
Bow of HMS Themis
(Cutaway Illustration by John McKay)

 Mainmast of HMS Themis
Mainmast of HMS Themis (Illustration by John McKay)
Mainmast of HMS Themis
(Cutaway Illustration by John McKay)

 Stern of HMS Themis
Stern of HMS Themis (Illustration by John McKay)
Stern of HMS Themis
(Cutaway Illustration by John McKay)

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