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1) Under Enemy Colors   2) A Battle Won   3) A Ship of War (UK)/Take, Burn or Destroy (US)   4) Until the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead

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Under Enemy Colors (2007)

Hardcover Book Format Paperback
Putnam Adult Imprint Berkley Trade
978-0399154430ISBN 978-0425223628
496 pages Length 512 pages
9.25 x 6.25in Size 8.26 x 5.23in
06 Sep 2007 Release Date 04 Nov 2008
Audiobook of Under Enemy Colors (2007)

Under Enemy Colours (2007)

Hardcover Book Format Paperback
Michael Joseph Ltd Imprint Penguin Books Ltd
978-0718153410 ISBN 978-0141033143
496 pages Length 464 pages
23 x 15cm Size 129 x 198mm
06 Mar 2008 Release Date 5 Feb 2009

MP3 icon
Five Minute MP3 Sample of the Audiobook for Under Enemy Colors (2007) from Putnam Audio
Audiobook FormatCD Unabridged
ImprintPutnam Audio
Length16 Hours; 13 CDs
Size5.74 x 5.23in
Release Date06 Sep 2007

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