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1) Under Enemy Colors   2) A Battle Won   3) A Ship of War (UK)/Take, Burn or Destroy (US)   4) Until the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead
Under Enemy Colors (2007)

A Battle Won (2010)


Audiobook of Under Enemy Colors (2007)


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Five Minute MP3 Sample of the Audiobook for Under Enemy Colors (2007) from Putnam Audio

Audiobook FormatCD Unabridged
ImprintPutnam Audio
Length16 Hours; 13 CDs
Size5.74 x 5.23in
Release Date06 Sep 2007

Audiobook of A Battle Won (2010)


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Four Minute MP3 Sample of the Audiobook for A Battle Won (2010) from Whole Story Audio Books

NarratorNick Boulton
Audiobook FormatCD Unabridged
ImprintWhole Story Audio
Length15 Hours; 13 CDs
Size15 x 13.4cm

Timeline from the Beginning of the French Revolution
until the Battle of Trafalgar (1805)
May 5 Estates General convened
June 20 Tennis Court Oath
July 11 Necker dismissed
July 12 Riots begin in Paris
July 14 Fall of the Bastille
July 16 Necker reinstated
August 26 Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen
October 5-6 The Day of the Market Women (King and family taken to Paris)
November 2 Property of the church nationalized
June 12 Titles of Nobility abolished
July 12 Civil constitution of the clergy
November 27 Law imposes civic oath on clergy
April 2 Death of Mirabeau
June 20 King and royal family attempt to escape but are apprehended
June 25 King loses last vestiges of authority
July 17 Massacre of the Champ de Mars
October 1 Legislative Assembly meets
February 9 Property of emigres seized by state
March 10 Girondin ministry takes power
April 20 War declared
June 20 Mob invades Tuileries
August 19 Lafayette defects to Austrians
September 2 Surrender of Verdun to Prussians
September 2-6 Prison Massacres
September 20 Convention constituted
September 21 Monarchy abolished
January 21 Execution of the King
February 1 War declared against England and Holland
March 7 War declared against Spain
March 10 Establishment of Revolutionary Tribunal
March 11 The Vendée revolt begins
March 26 Establishment of Committee of Public Safety
July 13 Murder of Marat
July 27 Robespierre joins Committee of Public Safety
August 27 Toulon surrenders to Admiral Hood
September 17 Law of Suspects
October 16 Execution of Marie Antoinette and the beginning of the Terror
October 31 Execution of the Girondin leaders
December 19 Hood evacuates Toulon
January Lord Hood and General Dundas take fortifications in the bay of San Fiorenzo, Corsica
  Calvi and Bastia fall (Nelson loses the sight in one eye directing a battery at Calvi)
June 1 Glorious 1st of June—Howe defeats French fleet but allows merchant ships to reach France with much needed cargo of grain
July 27 Arrest of the Robespierrists
July 28 Execution of Robespierre and his supporters
November 12 Jacobin club closed
December 8 Return of surviving Girondins to Convention
February Admiral Sir John Jervis takes Martinique and Guadeloupe
January 23 Amsterdam occupied
April 5 Peace treaty signed with Prussia
April 16 Peace with Holland
June 27 British Navy lands Emigres at Quiberon
July 20 Emigres defeated
October 26 Convention is dissolved and the Directory created
  Hood withdraws from Corsica
  Rear-Admiral Sir Hugh Christian takes St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada
March 2 Bonaparte becomes general of the Army of Italy
May 10 Bonaparte defeats Austrians
December 10 Bonaparte returns to Paris
February 14 Battle of Cape St Vincent—Admiral Sir John Jervis defeats Spanish fleet—Nelson distinguishes himself
  Nore Mutiny
October 11 Battle of Camperdown—Admiral Duncan defeats Dutch fleet
May 18 Bonaparte sails for Egypt
August 1 Nelson defeats French fleet at battle of the Nile
March 12 War declared on Austria
September 26 Massena defeats Russians at Zurich
October 9 Bonaparte lands at Fréjus
November 9 Coup d'etat of Brumaire effectively brings Bonaparte to power
September British take possession of Malta
October Peace of Amiens signed with France
October 21 Battle of Trafalgar—Nelson destroys the Franco-Spanish fleet
December Bonaparte defeats the Austrians and Austerlitz

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